Press Release: AltMed and MÜV Updates

Where can I find the best medical marijuana products for chronic pain?

New AltMed Dispensary in Tampa, Florida

Our sponsors at AltMed have been at the forefront of bringing access to high-quality, pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products with the MÜV product line. They have recently expanded their dispensary locations to 3 total in Florida; located in Sarasota, Tampa, and Apollo Beach. Their newest store is the largest medical marijuana dispensary in Tampa and offers the full line of MÜV cannabis-infused products.


The Science behind medical marijuana at AltMed

Unlike most typical FDA regulated medications, not all medical marijuana products are created equally. is focused on bringing you the most evidence-based clinical guidelines and recommendations for medical marijuana, which is why all recommended products and clinicians are vetted to have the utmost quality and knowledge in the area of medical marijuana.

AltMed is led by scientists developing, testing, and manufacturing only the highest quality products for their patients. Here is a quick video outlining their philosophy and processes.


Want to Learn More About Medical Marijuana Dosing Guidelines?

Please visit our Dosing Guidelines section for our guidelines and MÜV product guidelines. At Medical Marijuana Education and Clinical Resources, we are your number one source for all things medical marijuana. Contact us today to learn more.