Rick Simpson Oil

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

One of the most talked about marijuana treatments for cancer over the last 15 years has been a concentrate called Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. RSO is a high THC, full spectrum concentrate made famous by, you guessed it, Rick Simpson in the early 2000s as a potentially “effective” and safe treatment for cancer. Who […]

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Importance of Medical Marijuana Carrier Oils

Why are carrier oils important for oral marijuana products? As we’ve discussed in previous blogs and postings, the medicinal components of marijuana (e.g., cannabinoids and terpenes) are what scientists call hydrophobic, they don’t like to mix with water. Due to this trait, companies manufacturing oral and topical marijuana products have been utilizing encapsulation techniques to […]

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Medical Marijuana Products for Chronic Pain | How Can Marijuana Treat Pain?

Where can I find the best medical marijuana products for chronic pain?

Chronic pain affects more than 100 million Americans. This kind of pain is serious as it affects a patient’s daily life as well as their overall quality of life as well. While many medical professionals prescribe medications to treat the pain, these can create side effects for the patients. Furthermore, many pain medications are addictive. […]

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Medical Cannabis Dosing Guidelines | What is a ‘Dose’ of Medical Cannabis?

What are the best medical cannabis dosing guidelines?

Many physicians and health professionals are prescribing medical marijuana to treat a variety of mental and physical conditions. With so many forms of the plant available, it can be difficult to know the proper does for a given condition. Learn about what medical professionals consider a dose of this medicine based on medical cannabis dosing […]

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