Medical Marijuana Education & Resources is focused on bringing you the most evidence-based clinical guidelines and recommendations for medical marijuana. In the ever-evolving world of medical marijuana, we find it important that both patients and recommending physicians are knowledgeable about marijuana. This website is focused on bringing you this information from quality research sources in a comprehendible and user-friendly manner.

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Medical Marijuana Education - Ailments


Medical marijuana is now used as an alternative treatment for a variety of different and common ailments. Some of these include chronic pain, epilepsy, MS, arthritis, cancer and more.


Medical Marijuana Education - Potential Benefits of Marijuana

Potential Benefits of Marijuana

Research has shown medical marijuana to serve both as a complementary method for symptom management and to reduce the side-effects of current medical treatments, such as nausea associated with chemotherapy, as well as an alternative method for treatment of pain, seizures, and inflammation.


Medical Marijuana Education - Dosing & Medical Guidelines

Dosing & Medical Guidelines

The recommended dosing of medical marijuana is dependent on several factors associated with the patient’s genetic makeup, medical condition, and tolerance to the cannabinoids found in medical marijuana. It is always recommended to “Start Slow and Go Low” in relation to beginning a medical marijuana treatment.


Recommended Clinicians

The recommended Clinicians listed on have been vetted for their expertise and experience with recommending medical marijuana for the treatment of qualifying conditions.


Recommended Products

One of the most important aspects of starting a medical marijuana treatment plan is having quality products. It is always recommended that patients and clinicians only utilize products from companies that can provide Certificates of Analysis to support the claim that their products contain the marijuana compounds that are listed on the label.


Educational Blog

Check out our educational blog with all the news and additional educational resources regarding medical marijuana.


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Read more about how our medical marijuana practice has helped our website subscribers in these testimonials.

When my doctors mentioned that medical marijuana could help me with my chronic illness, I was extremely skeptical. I grew up with a different understanding of the purpose of marijuana. Medical Marijuana for Education has changed my view on the benefits of medical marijuana and completely changed my life. I couldn’t be more grateful!

– Maria J.

The stigma around marijuana is really evolving. But, when I told my family that medical marijuana might be the next best thing for my chronic pain, they were super against it. Medical Marijuana for Education gave me the resources to educate my family and make the right decision regarding going forward with treatment.

– Brian F.

When you have an invisible illness, like I do with chronic pain, people just don’t understand, and it makes it hard to find treatments that actually help. Medical Marijuana for Education and all of their information about medical marijuana made me feel less alone and gave me hope.

– Pat W.

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