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Does cannabidiol [CBD] affect your blood pressure? 

Recent reports by the American Heart Association states that over 100 million US adults have high blood pressure. As most of you know, high blood pressure increases your risk for negative health events such as stroke and/or heart attack. There are several factors that increase your risk to develop high blood pressure including obesity, life style, and family history. The common medication prescribed by clinicians for high blood pressure are beta-blockers, which have a long list of potential side effects such as; fatigue, nausea, weight gain, and dizziness. With this, scientists have been looking for other drugs to combat high blood pressure.

Why is CBD a potential treatment for high blood pressure?

There have been many animal studies that have shown CBD to elicit positive effects on the cardiovascular system. For example, it’s shown to decrease glucose (sugar) in the blood and has shown protective factors after a heart attack. This has led to further research in humans. In a recent study, scientists administered high dose CBD, 600mg dosage, then their cardiovascular changes were measured. They found that high dose CBD did in fact reduce their blood pressure, thus suggesting CBD may be a treatment. However, as with most studies related to medical marijuana, larger clinical trials are needed to verify this finding and to make proper recommendations for dosing.

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